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How to clean and maintain the bathroom hardware

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 Among all the functional areas of the room, the bathroom is extremely special. The bathroom is well sealed and the air is often damp, so for the bathroom hardware, not only the quality is very important, but also the maintenance in the future is indispensable.
 The most important thing in the bathroom is sanitary ware and various hardware accessories. To maintain the bathroom facilities properly can extend its service life, which can ensure its gloss and enhance the value of the bathroom. Today, let's talk about how to do the post-maintenance in the bathroom hardware to make sure that it can serve us for a long time.
 The faucet
 The faucet can be treated as the most common bathroom hardware. It is a means for us to obtain external water resources, so its quality must be safe and reliable to meet our daily use needs.In this case, the correct method to maintenance is to remove the spout screen covers by using a wrench like the water outlet, and then clean and install them, which can ensure that the water output is exactly the same as before. In the winter, when we use the faucet in two cases, including in extremely low temperature or feeling uncomfortable, it is recommended to use hot water to scald first, and then wait until it is ready for normal use. When using the faucet forcibly in extremely low temperature, it may damage the valve element of the faucet, which may result in a decrease of its service life.
 The towel rack
 Towels are items that are used everyday, which is hung on the shelves.Therefore in daily life, to make sure our health to the greatest extent, when we use the faucet, please pay attention to its sanitation to avoid its rust or mold. When installing the towel rack, it is recommended to install it in the dry area of the restroom, in which there is a little water vapor and its air is dry relatively, so it will not rust due to too much moisture.It is also recommended that the shelf must be thoroughly cleaned by common wet cloth at regular intervals. However, it is not recommended to use acidic or alkaline cleaners because they have a corrosive effect on the surface coating of the rack, which will make its surface tarnish and lower its face value.
 The basket 
 For most of families, in order to put some toiletries, they usually place a mental basket in the bathroom, which also should be maintained carefully in daily life.When cleaning the basket, please use a soft rag and water. Never use a corrosive solution, otherwise it will damage its surface. If its metal surface is damaged or it is not cleaned thoroughly, please put wax oil on the white cotton cloth and then wipe the whole shelf at regular intervals, which not only protects its appearance, but also prolongs its service life.
 When purchasing sanitary ware hardware, it is not enough to just buy a good quality hardware. We should also maintain it in the follow-up life, so as to extend its service life to the greatest extent.Because we use the bathroom frequently, we have to pay more attention on it. Most of hardware have a metal coating. If you don't know the specific cleaning method, just wipe it with water. Do not use the cleaning agent from the market frequently, as it may cause certain damage to the hardware.